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Research master: Fatty liver disease in the general population (The Rotterdam Study / ERGO)

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Research Master: Fatty liver disease in the general population (The Rotterdam Study / ERGO) 

We are looking for a research master student interested in epidemiology, gastroenterology & hepatology or internal medicine.  

The Rotterdam Study (ERGO) is a large prospective cohort among the general population, in which participants receive a complete check-up every 5-10 years. From the Gastroenterology & Hepatology department, we perform the abdominal ultrasound and transient elastography to assess liver steatosis and fibrosis.  Our research focuses on fatty liver disease, the most prevalent chronic liver disease (>25%!). Fatty liver disease is associated with liver cirrhosis and liver failure and has rapidly become the number one indication for liver transplantation. 

Given the multidisciplinary setting of the Rotterdam Study several research projects can be thought of, for example: 

  • The incidence/prevalence of colon polyps and malignancies among those with fatty liver based on both video capsule data and longitudinal data from general practitioners 
  • Genetic profiling of the fatty liver disease population and the correlation between genetic risk and expression of fatty liver on abdominal ultrasound 
  • The effect of inhalation and topical steroids on fatty liver disease prevalence and severity 
  • Correlation between controlled attenuation parameter diagnosis of fatty liver disease and presence of steatosis and fibrosis assessed with abdominal ultrasound and FibroScan.  

In addition to these specific projects, we highly stimulate you to brainstorm for additional research questions, which could be answered within the Rotterdam Study (ERGO) data, based on your particular interest. 

We offer accessible supervision and guidance throughout your research master from study design, statistical approach in R and publication of your manuscript!  

Besides these research projects, you will be trained in abdominal ultrasound and performing this in the participants attending study visits, up to 4-8 hours a week, depending on your schedule. Being fluent in Dutch is preferred.  

If interested, please contact me (Laurens van Kleef; l.vankleef@erasmusmc.nl) or dr. De Knegt (Rob de Knegt; r.deknegt@erasmusmc.nl) for further details. 

Erasmus MC
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